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Why won't my baby nap?

There are a number of basic reasons why your baby is not sleeping. We will look and discuss some of them below.


You are trying to squeeze naps around activities instead of squeezing activities around appropriate nap times. Both babies and children like consistent nap times, by creating this you are creating healthier sleep habits.


As your little one ages, they require different settling techniques; meaning what you had once been doing may not work now. You may be feeding or holding your baby to go to sleep but at around 6 months your baby will be able to start self-settling, so start looking at how you put your baby to sleep.


This means lots of little cat naps maybe while moving instead of a full proper nap; motion sleep is less restorative than a nap in a cot. If your child is in a nap deficit you will see that it is affecting both their night-time sleep and contributing to early morning wake ups.


This means that your baby is probably ready to drop a nap. At one time your baby’s wake window might have been 45 mins but as they age their wake windows grow. Over time your little one will go from 3 naps per day (6 months old) to 0 naps per day (3 yrs. old); so, if you notice them refusing a nap check their wake windows and see if they are under tired.


This is the opposite to the above and means most likely you have missed their tired cues; and they have gotten a second wind which makes it impossible to get them to sleep. If you have noticed this happening then a top tip is to write down how long they were awake between naps and check it against their wake windows, you may have to bring their nap forward by 15 mins.


Lastly, take a moment to look at your child’s bedroom and see that it is soothing for them to have a full restorative sleep. Is it maybe too bright, too loud, too hot, or too cold.

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