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What to pack in your hospital bag?

After spending hours scouring the internet, I have come up with a hospital bag essential list every parent needs. This list comes directly from my own experience and other parents as well. In this list, you will find items you may wish to bring with you to the hospital for both before and after your baby is born. Plus, some items you did not think of. Hopefully, this list will help alleviate some of your anxiety as to what to bring for you, baby and even dad.

Since there is no magic way of predicting when baby will actually arrive, it is best to be prepared and have your things packed at least three weeks prior to your given due date. If you have a scheduled C-section or induction also have the things ready.

The way I would recommend to pack is your own mum hospital bag first. Next, pack the hospital bag for your baby. And lastly, pack a hospital bag for dad. Begin by packing the basics, you can always add more or take items out closer to your due date.


For your hospital bag you want some basics, some necessities, and some comfortable items.

For Mum

·        Pjs for breastfeeding

·        Nursing bra and nursing tank

·        Robe

·        Slippers

·        Lounge outfit

·        Jumper

·        Going home outfit

·        Flip flops

·        Dark underwear

·        Dark Maternity underwear for C-section


In your toilet bag you want anything that will make you feel refreshed, cleaned and back to normal


·        Toothbrush

·        Toothpaste

·        Face cleaner

·        Face location

·        Shampoo

·        Conditioner

·        Body wash

·        Wash cloth

·        Hairbrush

·        Hair spray

·        Dry shampoo

·        Make up

·        Postpartum pads

·        Shower/hair towel

·        Contacts

·        Contact solution

·        Contact case

·        Glasses

·        Medications

·        Nursing pads

·        Mirror

·        Body lotion

·        Face cream

·        Deodorant

·        Nipple cream

·        Ziplock bags

·        Peri bottle

·        Cooling pads

·        Postpartum spray for ‘down there’


Labour is a wonderful but unpredictable thing. You never know if it will come early, late, naturally, induction or emergency. So, it is definitely best to try to be prepared for anything. I would recommend putting on your labouring clothes when you get to the hospital because once you reach a certain point there is no stopping to change clothes.


·        Labour gown/nightshirt

·        Playlist

·        Lip balm

·        Hair tie

·        Cup with straw

·        Pillow

·        Blanket

·        Eye mask

·        Hand sanitizer


These are items that will help you feel more comfortable and take boredom away.


·        Hospital notes

·        Birth plan

·        Journal and pen

·        Book

·        Headphones

·        Extra-long chargers

·        Snacks

·        Change for vending machines


You honestly do not need a lot for baby. Ideally everything should fit inside the nappy bag.

For Baby

·        Nappy bag

·        Swaddle blanket

·        Hat (3)

·        Baby grow (3)

·        Dummy

·        Wet wipes

·        Newborn nappies

·        Going home outfit

·        Scratch mitts

·        Newborn booties

·        Socks

·        Burp clothes

·        Nursing pillow

·        Car seat


If you wish to take newborn photos to announce the birth of your baby.


·        Birth announcement

·        Pretty swaddle

·        Hair bow


Obviously, dad will need some supplies too. If possible, have their things packed inside your bag as this means you will have less to carry.

For Dad

·        Change of clothes

·        Chargers

·        Earphones

·        Snacks

·        Water bottle

·        Toothbrush


Figuring out what I should pack in the hospital bag for everyone was more stressful than it needed to be. Hopefully, this list will help take some of the stress out of it.

Just remember it is not your job to update the world the moment you have your baby. Consider that you could be completely out of it for a while and informing people is not your priority while recovering from labour, section, learning to breastfeed, and trying to get some sleep. Be present in that moment and enjoy it.

Hospital Bag Checklist
Download PDF • 359KB

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