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Should I use a night light?

Did you know that millions of parents and baby product manufacturers are making one very simple, but huge mistake that is potentially contributing to difficult bedtimes and frequent night wakenings.

What is it?


When we think of the colour red, we tend to think of anger, power, rage and even stop (traffic lights); but what if I was to tell you red was a good thing to help your baby sleep.

So how many parents reading this have a night light prop for your baby?

You may have a night lamp, a star light, a Minecraft light, a light projector. These lights give off a blue/green light and this has been scientifically proven to keep your child awake. You may also let your child go to sleep with a tv on, a mobile phone or even a tablet, these also give off a blue/green light. If you are reading this and your child has one of these enablers, they are doing more harm to your child’s sleep.

What kind of nightlight should my child have?

As a baby sleep consultant, we recommend lights that give off a red or orange light. This colour helps to stimulate the production of melatonin, which is the natural sleep hormone. The colour also helps to soothe and relax your baby and doesn’t disturb the body’s circadian rhythm.

The light should also be a consistent one that remains always turned on. If like many toy night lights, they have a sensor and need touched, your baby gets into the habit of needing it turned on each time they wake during a change in sleep cycles. This leads to continued night wakening.

What does this all mean?

This means that you should invest in a red night light that is on all night long, this will help your baby’s melatonin levels and soothe them off to a good night’s sleep and continued sleep cycles.

*Pictured is the current night light I use with my boys; it is LED and works on battery or plugged in. It is a great multi use light as it does every of the rainbow too.

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